Thank you for your interest in my business! I have been a hairstylist and makeup artist for the past 17 years. Working in high end salons in Chicago and outlying areas I gained experience in bridal and special event hair and makeup as well as hair and makeup for editorial, photography, and runway. After a brief break from the industry to stay home with my children I have spent the past 3 years freelancing as a makeup artist and working with professional makeup line, LimeLife by Alcone. I love helping my clients feel confident and beautiful and believe that makeup should enhance natural beauty and never distract from it. I love teaching different makeup applications and techniques so that people can feel empowered to look their best everyday. Aside from makeup I enjoy gardening, cooking, baking, and eating delicious food, crocheting, throwing parties, and being outside in nature, and spending time with my husband and 4 children.

Photo Credit- Megan Haun Photography


Knoxville, TN, USA

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